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A holistic visitor engagement platform that intelligently promotes, sells and captivates.

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GuestX is designed to support the business needs of many different organizations and industries.

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We live in a world of self-driving cars and 3D printing, technologies that have pushed beyond previous boundaries. Wouldn't it be great to have a ticketing system that's just as advanced, just as futuristic as we imagine it could be? Well, the answer is you can! People have been approaching ticketing in the same way for decades. It is time we re-envision what it means to “buy a ticket”, to “enter a venue” and to “experience an adventure”. From start to finish the process should be intuitive, fast and affordable. Enter GuestX!

Not only does GuestX give you more flexibility than any other ticketing platform on the market, it also provides a range of other visitor engagement tools to ensure your interactions with your guests are maximized. Features such as one-of-a-kind shared photo memories, kiosk and mobile entertainment, marketing impressions, relationship-building with the guest, and research tools for guest behavior analysis.

All the tools you'll need

to grow your visitors, increase revenue and build lasting relationships with your members.

Powerful Ticketing

General Admission tickets with options such as advanced pricing, group pricing, deposits, promotions and more. With such flexibility, GuestX can solve even the most complex ticketing challenges.

Multi-Channel Sales

Reach your potential visitors across multiple outlets including the front desk, web, mobile, group sales, reseller, call center, membership, education and retail sales channels.

Membership Integration

We understand how important your members are to your business. That is why GuestX integrates seamlessly with third-party CRMs such as Raiser's Edge and Salesforce allowing for an intuitive purchasing experience for members and visitors alike.

Mobile Admission

Staff can now sell, manage orders and redeem tickets directly from mobile devices. Eliminate the need for heavy cumbersome hardware, wires and pre-planned entrances. Walk the lines, sell on the streets or change up your redemption location!

Photo Memories

Allow visitors to capture their amazing adventure at your venue. Immerse them in your world through green screen capture, long-range zoom and self-activating cameras. And at the end, allow them to share across their personal and social channels instantly.

Kiosk Interactions

We build awesome kiosks! Allow tickets to be purchased directly from a kiosk freeing up your front-of-house staff. Further, our kiosks allow visitors to share their photo memories instantly to their friends and family.

Guest Analytics

Understand how your visitors interact with your venue from the way they browse your website, purchase tickets/retail, enter your doors and share their memories.

Intelligent Marketing

We collect unique data from each of your visitors that allows for customized communication and targeted marketing. Relevant content = maximized revenue.

In Action

In the center of Seattle standing at 605 feet tall is one of the most amazing towers ever built: The Space Needle. For the last two years they have utilized GuestX to power almost every visitor experience they offer.


“We chose GuestX to be our primary platform for ticketing, photo memories and guest marketing because of their unique vision and approach. Their flexibility allows us to experiment with every idea we envision and this has allowed us to grow new revenue streams and excitement in ways never achieved before.”
- Karen Olson, Vice President of Marketing at The Space Needle.

GuestX lets you spend more time growing your mission and less time managing visitor software.


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